Jay Morgan, Principal

In his role as an advocate for some of the Fortune 500’s leading corporations and business organizations, Jay Morgan has developed a reputation for building strong coalitions to withstand controversy on tough issues. Politicsmagazine.com named him as a “Top 10 Georgia Influencer” for 2010 and commented, “He is at the top of his game”.  In his first announcement as Governor-elect, Nathan Deal appointed him as the co-chairman of the 2011 Inaugural Committee and a senior advisor to his transition team. 

In January 2007, the Atlanta Journal Constitution drew distinction with his colleagues by saying, lobbying when Democrats were in charge, he has continued to have success now that the Republicans run things.”  Morgan was heavily involved in the 2007 video services legislation which passed both houses overwhelmingly as well as telecommunications deregulation legislation at both the federal and state level.  Also during 2007, he successfully“quarterbacked” tort reform legislation (successor liability relief).  In the 2003 session of the Georgia General Assembly, he provided strategic and tactical leadership in passing legislation that began the process known as public private partnerships (P3) to address pressing infrastructure needs.  He was the lead strategist in passing tax legislation that resulted in securing Philips Arena, a top-rated concert and professional sports facility, for the city of Atlanta at no cost to the taxpayers.  He has been recruited to work on lobbying teams for his experience in forming coalitions on controversial issues such as healthcare, litigation reform, criminal justice reform, state tax credits, and financial transactions.

Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit instilled in him by his father and grandfather, he established his own firm in 1996 after serving as Senior Vice President of the former firm of Edington, Wade, and Sanders.  He is the former chairman of the Economic Development and Taxation Committee for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s Government Affairs Council.  He serves on the Board of Governors of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, a premier state-based “think tank”, as a member of the board for The Essential Economy Council, and as the immediate past chairman of the Georgia 4H Foundation.  At the invitation of the International Republican Institute, he has traveled to Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Ukraine to train aspiring candidates and party leaders in emerging democracies.  

Tyler J. Kaplan, Managing Director

Tyler “TJ” Kaplan, a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, began his career in politics in the office of former US Congressman Tom Price.  After learning to navigate local political issues as they pertain to federal government, TJ made the transition to state politics by working with the Georgia Tech Research Institute as a Policy Analyst assigned to provide support to the members of the Senate Resolution 68 Study Committee.  The committee was tasked with cataloguing Georgia's existing technology assets, reviewing state and national policies that encourage technology advancement, and developing specific recommendations for a strategic plan for science and technology in Georgia. 

Following his work at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, TJ worked as a top aide to State Senator Butch Miller who now serves as President Pro Tempore of the Senate.  As an aide, TJ served as a liaison between Senator Miller and the Governor’s staff, lobbyists, and constituents who sought to influence legislation in the General Assembly.  He also served as a key strategist to Senator Miller, working with other legislators in the House and Senate to build support for legislation and acquire votes.  His work aided in the passage of several significant pieces of legislation across various sectors.  During his time working in the State Senate, TJ established an extensive network within both the General Assembly and the lobbyist community.  It was there he gained a reputation for successful coalition building and strategic legislative advocacy.   

After leaving Atlanta to work in Washington, DC as an Eben Tisdale Fellow with the Computing Research Association and study at the Institute on Business and Government Affairs at Georgetown University, TJ returned to his native Georgia to work for the J.L. Morgan Company as Legislative Director.  In his position at the J.L. Morgan Company, TJ works as a contract lobbyist to a number of the nation’s leading Fortune 500 companies.  His portfolio includes clients across the healthcare, transportation, education, and technology sectors.  This wide range of client work serves to further augment his relationships with key decision makers and stakeholders in the advocacy community.  Along with his lobbying duties, TJ coordinates a wide range of grassroots and grass tops campaigns across the state.

Lauren Pollow, Legislative Director

Lauren is a results-driven lobbyist and consultant with seven years of experience in public policy.  She has represented clients on a wide range of regulatory and legislative issues with a keen focus on healthcare.  She has demonstrated her understanding of legislative processes and has a proven track record with grassroots advocacy and issue campaigns. Her success in guiding clients through complex regulations and examining how shifts in policy impact operations has afforded Lauren the experience necessary to support our clients on every level.  She worked with a large association as well as the top lobbying firm in New York prior to moving to Atlanta and her experience gained in that arena will be an asset to our family of clients.

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